A Special Modern Home with a Unique Underground Bar and 10-Car Garage (House Tour)

This video is brought to you by The Local Project’s print publication. Our tri-annual hardcopy publication contains over 350 pages of curated insight into the latest architecture and design across Australia and New Zealand. Head to the description of this video to subscribe now and receive three copies each year. Delivery available worldwide. The house is located in Brighton which is a suburb in the Bayside District next to the beach. The house maximised the size of the site to really make use of all of the space.

It being a corner block opposite a park really enhanced its views and the amount of natural light that flows through. We came on board in the very early stages so sort of the inception of the project and worked quite closely with the architect. We knew he wanted to create a very special home something that was really unique and I guess different to what had been produced before. It had to be really liveable warm family friendly and not be too precious. We achieve that through the use of natural materials which we know will last and withhold people living in about years and years yeah family lifestyle.

One of the things that set the tone for the materials palette was the introduction of the formed concrete walls and the timber-formed pattern on them as well and I think we really used that as a springboard to be able to then add a layer of warmth but also robustness that aligns with that materiality. We took cues from the architecture and that was brought internally. It was important for us to introduce some softer curves to lead you through the spaces and provide a soft transition and harmony. That sense of harmony definitely comes from the balance of all of the materials coming together. It’s a combination of materiality, planning, sense of arrival, site, sound; all of those things coming together to create that harmonious balance that we always talk about as a studio.

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I guess there’s a sense of discovery with the pivot door on entry when that opens and you first arrive in the house it’s not a traditional entry. There’s an incredible sense of warmth and general atmosphere that I think just feels good when you walk in the space. One of our favourite spaces of the house is the master suite, it was designed like a hotel suite. We really embraced the luxurious materials through the soft furnishings of the curtains, the carpet and the ensuite itself is quite special; the use of stone in multiple different formats and textures was really quite a special opportunity to hero and honest material. The ensuite feels more sculptural than any of the spaces within the home. Moving to downstairs is the subterranean level that houses the large garage as well as the laundry and the basement bar. We’ve set the tone through the use of materials, darker charred timbers. That’ll lead you through into the basement bar which is dimly lit. There was a mixture of considered recessed lighting that then was also balanced out with some beautiful big decorative fittings. Everything that we put forward just got pushed that little bit further by the client which I think made for an amazing end result. It’s not consistent to the rest of the house and deliberately yeah and it is unexpected because you walk into the home through the front door and it’s very calm and serene and natural materials to going downstairs and being confronted by turquoise carpet and bold onyx stone. It is disconnected but because it’s so much ingrained in the client’s personality it still feels like part of the home. Each of the spaces feel slightly different and have their own personality and purpose but we’ve tried to thread that together and create a sense of harmony throughout. When the client, Michael, came to us he was very clear on the brief and creating something special and I think the combination of the architect, the interior and the client working so closely together that definitely allowed us to create something special. I think the constant feeling is the space just feels good and it’s a combination of the sound and the light and the materials and there’s an overall warmth and sense of home. We want families just to continue to keep living in a using in it enjoying enjoying it creating memories the house feels really special and unique and if that can continue to happen for years to come then be very proud. Published three times a year, The Local Project hardcopy publication contains over 350 pages of curated insight into the latest architecture and design across Australia and New Zealand. Printed on exceptionally high-quality paper stock, the publication is designed to be read and enjoyed over time – a beautiful and valuable addition to any personal library or coffee table. Our latest issue, Edition Number 6, contains 20 projects from Australia and New Zealand’s leading architects, interior designers, as well as stories on industry-leading and emerging furniture designers and local distributors. Discover the latest projects such as the Sand Castle by Luigi Rosselli, his son, Rafaello Rosselli and interior designer Romy Alwill. Corner House by Archier. Chenier by emerging studio Eastop Architects. The award-winning 8 Yard House by Studio Bright. And Pearl Beach House by Polly Harbison Design in collaboration with Arent & Pyke. With world-wide delivery available, have the hardcopy print publication delivered straight to your door three times a year with an annual subscription. Head to the description of this video to subscribe to the tri-annual print publication.

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