A Sophisticated Beachside House with a Surprisingly Playful Interior Design

My name is Alexandra Church, I am the Founder and Managing Director of Decus Interiors, we’re a Sydney-based interior design and architecture firm and we are currently sitting in Point House which is located in the beautiful beachside suburb of Tamarama.

For us it’s making sure that we haven’t done things just for the sake of them. You can have something that is energetic when you walk into a space you can feel sort of a bit of drama, a bit of energy about it, and it can be really beautiful in terms of quality,

it can be enduring in terms of level of finish and how things feel from a tactile perspective. This is actually the second time that we’ve designed the house, we were originally commissioned by the first owners about six years ago to work on the interiors of the home which was designed by Alex Probeski.

Tham khao san go cong nghiep gia re.

We were then approached two and a half years ago by the new owners who wanted to really reimagine it for themselves and their children and their grandchildren, and these clients came from quite a formal and traditional suburb so it was a real reinvention for them. I would have to say for a contemporary home one of the things that I do love about the materiality is that over the last six years it has actually endured it looks just as fresh as it did when we first worked on the project and built it, so I think that sort of speaks volumes about the timelessness of certain finishes;

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they can look really right now but they have not changed and are super flexible, so a lot of the dark joinery, the granite and the stone, it is just as special as it was the first time. Within this project our role is to really weave together polarity and opposites in a way that can be kind of quite harmonious you can create a sense of luxury and and high-end or sophistication through layering of materiality, so it’s a mixture of textures and finishes and colours.

These clients were fairly fun, colourful people but also have a strong sense of luxury and sophistication, so it’s really about marrying you know ‘barefoot sandy feet’ with being able to have a dinner party for 20 people every Friday night. And so we wove through grown-up and elegant with fun and bright and sort of youthful. We were inspired to create something that was really un-beachy, so we we intentionally sought to do the opposite of light, bright, breezy. We wanted to counterbalance the intense light that moves through the house throughout the day, so there’s a lot of dark joinery and a lot of dark pockets throughout the house which is a nicer balance to these huge expanses of glazing that you see which have spectacular views over the water. This is probably one of the first projects that really established our firm when we first worked on it and designed it all those years ago, so it’s been really really really fulfilling to be able to come back and give a new life for a new family which will hopefully be there forever home.

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